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1977 british coins

1977 british coins

1977 british coins -

: 1977 british coins

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1977 british coins
1977 british coins


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Sukanta RayPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

Five of your five claims are incorrect. AN SEC attorney, in a recent court hearing, acknowledged to judge Sarah Netburn that XRP is not a security. It's up to the courts to make that final determination. The SEC can provide a claim and ask the question, but it's up to the courts to provide clarity and answer the question. XRP is a cryptocurrency and is not under investigation. The SEC did however investigate Ripple's sales of XRP which led to a lawsuit. There is no investigation, there are now pre-trial court hearings. XRP is not centralized. In fact there are 36 UNL validators and Ripple only controls 16% of them which gives them no special permissions over the decentralized XRP ledger. Ripple does not "dump" XRP every day. They sell a small amount of XRP to strategic partners and it's based on a percentage of volume. You may be interested to learn that more Bitcoin is introduced into the BTC ecosystem (in both dollars AND percentage increases) each month through mining than there is XRP sold into the XRP ecosystem by Ripple. XRP is just about the only cryptocurrency that has any actual utility. It is used on a daily basis in enterprise grade software to facilitate cross border settlement. There are business models in use right now that could not exist without XRP. It would be worth taking some time to learn about Ripple & XRP before forming negative opinions based on lack of information, incorrect data, and/or ideology.