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All cascade kingdom coins

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all cascade kingdom coins

In order to get all of the purple coins, players will need to come back to the Cascade Kingdom after beating the boss. Certain coins and. List of collectible Cascade Kingdom Purple Coins in Super Mario Odyssey. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Cascade Kingdom Purple Coins The Cascade Kingdom has a total of 50 stone disk purple coins. Find out all their locations with this Cap. all cascade kingdom coins

All cascade kingdom coins -

You can only get these coins after returning to the kingdom, however. Cascade Kingdom Coins Before approaching the Chain Chomp, drop the slightly lowered platform on the right cliff. Set 9 x3 Obtained by jumping on the transparent hat platforms in the area. Simply jump up and grab them. Image via Nintendo 10 There are three more coins hidden in this area. Dive down the river to get the purple coins. There will be four coins waiting for you at the end. Defeat Madame Broode first to get these purple coins Set 7 x3 Beneath the waterfall. Set 10 x3 Obtained by jumping on the stone blocks near the Chain Chomp. Found behind the rocks to the south of the Odyssey. Image via Nintendo 1 The first set of coins can be found behind all cascade kingdom coins Odyssey, just on the edge of the cliff.

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