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Arsinoe ii coin

arsinoe ii coin

Arsinoë II, b. BC–d. BC, was a Ptolemaic Greek Princess of Ancient Egypt and through marriage to Lysimachus, a former general of Alexander the. Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Arsinoe II Philadelphos, Gold AV Octadrachm, ca. This lot has Specialist - Coins, Military Medals and Banknotes. Bonhams. Catalogue Raisonné Brett, Greek Coins (MFA), no. · DescriptionObverse: Head of Arsinoe to right with ram's horn, fillet and stephane in hair, veil over back of.

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: Arsinoe ii coin

MOST COST EFFECTIVE ASIC MINER The early ancestor of the American Double Eagle, the gold octadrachms minted by the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt are surely amongst the most astonishing coins of the ancient world. The queens of the Ptolemaic dynasty were often powerful and influential. Arsinoe ii coin the relief at the top of the stele, Arsinoe is depicted among the deities receiving sacrifice from Ptolemy - an image arsinoe ii coin recurs throughout the country. The marriage was for political reasons: both claimed the throne of Macedonia and Thrace by the time of his death Lysimachus was ruler of both regions, and his power extended to southern Greece and Anatolia. Every household along the procession's route was arsinoe ii coin to erect a small altar of sand and sacrifice birds and lentils for Arsinoe.
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arsinoe ii coin When she died suddenly in B. The obverse shows the majestic portrait of the deified Arsinoe II. Published: ArtAncient, Similar sanctuaries were established at a number of port-cities under Ptolemaic control, including Citium in Cyprus, Arsinoe ii coin in arsinoe ii coin Nesiotic Leagueand Thera. She received burial and deification rites at Mendeswhere she had been a priestess, which are commemorated in the Mendes stele. Their relationship was never good. The legends on the coin refer to the cult title of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe, the "divine siblings.

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