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Benjamin franklin coin

benjamin franklin coin

This coin was designed by Benjamin Franklin; as a reminder to its holders, he put at its bottom the message, "Mind your business". This design was based on the. The Franklin half dollar is a coin that was struck by the United States Mint from to The fifty-cent piece pictures Founding Father Benjamin Franklin on the obverse and the Liberty Bell on the reverse. In Chief Engraver for The United States Mint, John R. Sinnock sculpted the design for the Franklin half dollar based upon a bust statue of. benjamin franklin coin

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Benjamin franklin coin -

Full Bell Lines Franklin half dollar. Abraham Lincoln remained a beloved figure, and Ross did not want to be responsible for removing him from the coinage. Benjamin Franklin January 17, [O. Kennedy on November 22, , Congress and the Mint moved with great speed to authorize and produce a half dollar in tribute to him. These can range in value from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars apiece. With each new facility producing coinage for the U. The Franklin Half Dollar ceased being minted over a half century ago and with age may come increasing demand for these historical fifty cent pieces. Depending on the current price of silver, the coin could be worth more because of its silver content than its value to a coin collector. If the artist's benjamin franklin coin sounds familiar it's because his work famously appears on another popular coin that originated in the mids: the Roosevelt dime. The first column lists the date and mintmark followed by benjamin franklin coin buy price and the sell value for an average circulated Franklin half dollar. This variety was caused by a die clash between an obverse die and a reverse die. As a scientist, he was a major figure in the American Enlightenment and the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity.


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