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Best way to clean coins found metal detecting

In this video I show from start to finish how to clean uk coins from start to Until then please like and subscribe if you haven't already and good. A lot of veteran metal detecting hobbyists have used and still do use baking soda and water to clean residual dirt from coins. This method often leaves a shine on. › metal-detecting › Best-Ways-to-Clean-Metal-Detecting-Fi. Once again, we will reiterate - NOT cleaning your finds is the best way to keep the value. It will also stain your coin a dark color. If you are using salt and vinegar in a bowl, use it in a well ventilated area. You can use electrolysis or the vinegar solution. The Rock Tumbler Easily the best method to clean clad and other common finds. Years ago after doing this I rubbed sulfur on the surface of the dull coin and they toned up nice. While one best way to clean coins found metal detecting can do both, it is highly recommended you purchase two separate barrels as the grit left behind in rock tumblers can irreversibly damage metals.

Sam Yong

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