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Book of knowledge coin banks

book of knowledge coin banks

Since yesterday, i've never seen such a beatiful coin bank. The shooter put's down his head to aim the target, very nice. How can i find out, if it is an original or a. Cast iron coin bank from the book of knowledge series.. on Nov 30, Get the best deals on Book Of Knowledge Bank when you shop the largest online J.E. Stevens Book Of Knowledge Bank Coin Trap. book of knowledge coin banks

Book of knowledge coin banks -

On the bottom ist writen "Book of knowledge" and on the closer of the coinbank, you can see "Feb 2 PAT". Thus were created such "humorous? However, considering the value of the dollar in those days and considering how very little labor cost these banks were not inexpensive even then. However, these banks are also collectible because of their value. Generations of skill and know-how are the "priceless ingredients" of these 19th century coin bank replicas. Please excuse my bad english. Virtually all other facets of American Life; Sports. Types of antique mechanical banks. Enclosed is some information about antique mechanical coin banks. These banks release all their contents automatically once the bank contained a certain amount. Money Bag. This is a vintage fully-working book of knowledge coin banks iron replica of a 19th century mechanical bank manufactured by The Book Of Knowledge in the s.


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Irwan VeranszaPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

B,, T,,, C,,, A,, N,, D,,, E,, T,, H......!!