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Book of thrift coin bank key

book of thrift coin bank key

Nov 27, - ANTIQUE LEATHERETTE COIN & CURRENCY BOOK BANK CA.​, Vintage Investor Syndicate "The Thrift Book" Metal Book Bank with Key. You can see one leg of the clip going all the way through the lock and the other leg placed in the "non-movable" part of the lock. As so excellently explained at the. The other one is much cooler, but does not have a key. It's made to look like an old-fashioned leather-bound book. The cover says SOCIETY.

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Local collector amasses some 3,321 piggy banks in personal collection Remove book of thrift coin bank key wire from the binder clip, so you have a single loop that looks a little like a space alien with just two feet and a head. These locks can be quite stiff, but continue turning the foot of the alien against the plate and jiggle it until you feel the plate yield. I also found a couple of old Bankers Utilities Co. A wire loop from a small office binder clip is a pretty natural fit and will work without modification. April I know this thread is ancient, but in case anyone finds it based on a more recent need, I'll jot down what worked for me in the OP's scenario. book of thrift coin bank key

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Hiro ValjiPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

Ultimate destination but yet you came to the comments in your watching a video that came out 5 years ago .. don’t lie to yourself it’s not good for 😂 try next time tho .