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Cayce cold coin

cayce cold coin

Works well and recommended by the physic Edgar Cayce who passed on during World War two, I have not had a cold in over ten years so for me these cold. It is important to note Edgar Cayce's reading made it quite clear this is only one part of maintaining a balanced body to prevent a cold. views ·. View upvotes. Cold Coin - Ionise the body. Great for allergy and cold season; Ionizes the body; Exclusive Carbon Steel Coin; Perfect size; Edgar Cayce Product; Made in the.

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Cayce cold coin -

All information provided on the web site or any information accompanying any product is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. I began with this product, and will keep this Cold Coin around my neck until I die. To my surprise, "within 3 hours," yes three hours, I noticed a big - big change within my body. Once all of the tarnishing is gone, completely dry your coin. I keep it overnight with my wallet on my dresser, so as to not forget it the next day for use. The cold disappeared and has not returned, and I hope it never will. cayce cold coin Cayce cold coin is due to the ionic reaction between the body and the Cold Coin. Twice a year, like clockwork, I would get a severe cold that would almost always end up in my lungs at least for a few days. Someone from Germany found my video on YouTube and ordered three. My nose is clear as well cayce cold coin it had been filled with mucus since I did not use the Radial Appliance for a few days now and it has been extremely windy and cold last few days. In this arid land of allergies these are a miracle! This is completely normal and very easy cayce cold coin resolve. I have carried one for twenty years and can attest that I have never 'caught' a cold.

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