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Coin across knuckles

By Zeek

coin across knuckles

baisically the coin rolls around the ring finger (say the tails side of the coin is touching the ring finger) the tail side of the coin will slide around the. Lets be honest rolling a coin or chip across your knuckles is just plain old cool. It's not incredibly complicated to learn, but it will take practice. When I started. The coin walk is a type of coin trick in which a coin is flipped over the fingers to create the illusion of a coin walking across the back of the hand. It is one of the most.

Coin across knuckles -

I apologize in advance for my ineptitude. Add Tip. I found an excellent site for instruction with videos and text, but cannot recall it at this time. In any case, The coin roll may be only a flourish, but I love it! After the coin has been flipped over by each phalanx, not including the smallest finger, the thumb brings the coin back under the hand and back to the index finger to repeat the trick as many times as desired. It's cold in Indiana right now. Actor Val Kilmer can be seen doing the trick in both Tombstone film as Doc Holliday and in the movie Real Geniusperforming a double handed continuous hand roll. Pinch and hold the coin in the space between your two fingers. But, if you are standing around at a bar or in a crowd, and you start rolling a coin across your fingers, someone will coin across knuckles you about it which leaves you in a great position to explain that you are a magician and go into a few tricks. Add Tip. It is coin across knuckles known as the coin roll, coin across knuckles roll, and the steeplechase flourish, and can also be performed with poker chips, slugsor other similar implements. coin across knuckles

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