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Coin mistakes

coin mistakes

Your Guide to U.S. Error Coins ยท Off-center strikes - These coins with errors were struck outside of the collar holding the coin in place. Mint error coins can be the result of deterioration of the minting equipment, accidents or malfunctions during the. An error coin is a coin that was not correctly made during its manufacture or it is outside of acceptable tolerance limits. Error coins may have. coin mistakes The collar prevents the metal of the blank from flowing outside the confines of the die. Edge and rim errors occur when collars are either out of coin mistakes or are deteriorated. Ragged clipped planchet If the punches overlap the ragged ends of the strip, a resulting ragged area of missing metal occurs. Weak strike coin mistakes Die trial Occurs when there is insufficient pressure from the dies to leave a full impression on the planchet. Coin mistakes Dirt and impurities in the metal of the planchet can manifest themselves as cracks and peels on the struck coin.

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