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Custom police challenge coins

custom police challenge coins

At, we recognize the commitment and sacrifice that police officers make every day on the job. Our Custom Police Challenge Coins. The Police and Law Enforcement Challenge Coins Page of US DOD Coins. Here you can take a look at past Custom Coin projects made for the Police Units and. The tradition that started in the military is now in almost every police, fire, sheriff and related law enforcement offices in the nation. Custom Challenge Coins for.

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The Gwinnett County Jail Dog program is a unique law enforcement agency - custom police challenge coins work to save dogs whose owners have run into trouble. We can create custom police challenge coins for you! Designs can incorporate an accurate reproduction of your law custom police challenge coins badges, as well as any special wording or dates. What a great logo they have for their K9 officers! Here is a link to our Challenge Coin Pricing by size and quantity. The inspiring message along the edge is presented in raised text to make sure it stands out perfectly against the black colorfill.

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Many of our customers who purchase our ceramic chips will also order some of these metal coins with the same artwork to pass out for very special occasions or to keep as presentation pieces. You can see the noted pink handcuffs used in this line of work made it onto the chips - a custom touch to make sure the chips are personalized exactly as appropriate. For more information or to get a free quote , just email sales customchallengecoins. Challenge Coins created for the purposes of honoring and remembering the sacrifices of those officers who gave their lives in the course of serving and protecting the public are often distributed as part of charity events to benefit the families of the fallen officers. CombatBet custom ceramic chips are the perfect solution! Police challenge coins are a great way to boost morale. And Celebrate Excellence is honored to have helped units, agencies and police departments around the nation.

Custom police challenge coins -

The binary on this coin is presented in raised text so the high polish gold plating can strand out against the dark enamel. A custom law enforcement coin is a great way to shine light on the skill and dedication of the men and women serving under you. A small token of appreciation definitely goes a long way! The recessed text staring out from the high polish gold plating is also a nice touch. Everyone that has seen them also agree that they came out better than what they thought from the drawing I showed them. These chips were designed for a state of California police narcotics enforcement team. custom police challenge coins

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