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Dnconstan coin

dnconstan coin

Vatican, Roman Senate Period Gold Ducat Coin (Fiorino Romano) Mint Period: AD Obverse: St. Peter standing right, presenting banner to kneeling. Ancient coins, Gold bullion coins, Gold and silver coins. Pinterest. I am not a numismatist (!) but I have spent a little time with Roman coins. The coin on the pen says D N CONSTAN in the first part of the inscription;. dnconstan coin

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Roman coin of Constantius-2 of 337 AD to 361 AD What is the meaning of the dot? The dnconstan coin has no dot and always struck me as odd in the dnconstan coin the barbarian's leg lined up with a horse leg making him a bit odd looking. Two officina 1 and 9 have the dot. Diameter: In any event, it is difficult on both cases to determin the actual origin of their coatings. Those were Hut and Galley types. I have no answers to these questions, and the only thing I can do is to document dnconstan coin rarity.

Ysis Williams

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ARUN RPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

Ryuki Han 5’11 to 4’7 😤 grind don’t stop