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Impromptu coin magic

impromptu coin magic

COOL COIN TRICKS: SIGNED COIN IN CAN ILLUSION. This is one of the coolest impromptu coin tricks ever devised. Made famous by Criss Angel on his T.V. What do you think are the best impromptu coin tricks? For example, when people come up to me and ask to see a trick, I want to know the best. One coin. The only coin trick you'll ever need to know. A one-handed vanish and reappearance of a quarter that looks like pure magic.

Impromptu coin magic -

This is a very powerful trick that will astound anyone you perform it to, with a bit of practice! And what happens is this, I just get a little bloke in the coin vanishes. And the idea is that when I make this bag, I can put the coin in the middle like this. Newell just mentioned. Adam: Yeah.

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MerihPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

Always great news and fundamental data. You are one of the best YouTubers around рџ‘Ќ