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Lead dog coin pages

lead dog coin pages

These Lead Dog 20 Pocket Pages fit in a 3 Ring Binder and they do not fit in a Dansco Album. Each page holds 20 2x2 coin holders. These pages are made of​. They provide outstanding durability and do not tear easily at seams or binder holes, The pages fit a regular three-ring binder or purchase one of our deluxe. Coin pages are a great way to store your coin collection because they allow you to create your own custom album Lead Dog 12 Pocket Pages: xs.

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Lead dog coin pages -

Color - Album and pages are a dark blue leatherette with black text. It sure will help. Though it is wise that any coins stored in a safety deposit box should be in a waterproof hard plastic holder as you have no idea what someone may be storing in a box above yours. Pin it These are our most popular pocket pages hands down. This decreases the chances of a pocket failing years down the road. Also, we want to thank you for the precious gifts you gave to every family. lead dog coin pages Thank you for all the wonderful things you did for Giants Twiga. These pages fit lead dog coin pages standard U. Thanks again. This was our first visit to Africa, and we fell in love with the people of Kenya and Tanzania, as well as the beautiful countries. This means you do not have reach into the pockets to get the holder which can cause them to stretch or tear.

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