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Mcu coin counting machine locations

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mcu coin counting machine locations

mcu coin counting machine locations

Amar shah Ali

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Abu YusufPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

I actually also dropped out in the first year of college, due to anxiety and depression and chronic pain. At first it was just an "extended absence" and they said I could come back later, but after a few months they told me I'd probably not be able to catch up. I tried applying to other colleges that would have let me focus on one subject instead of picking three, but they told me I should find a job to prove I can keep attendance up... my GCSEs were too high graded for basic tasks, and they could tell I wasn't right for them when I answered questions too literally in the interviews. They wanted someone who wasn't going to leave for uni or a better job, and in their mind I was likely to do so. So I was stuck in being overqualified for basic jobs, but with the attendance difficulties and having dropped out preventing me from moving upwards instead.