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New york transit coin

new york transit coin

This set features all six of the authentic New York transit tokens circulated from It took 11 years for Tokens & Icons to become the first licensee of the​. SCARCE LG SIZE VINTAGE NYC SUBWAY TOKEN! SOLID BRASS! BUY 2 GET 1 '0's with Y CUT OUT! One Fare Nice Used. Jun 1, - NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT TOKEN~Good for One Fare~New York Transit Authority Token~Vintage Coin~Vintage Token~Brass Bus Token~Small.

New york transit coin -

Passengers now interact with agents only for requests like mutilated farecards, concessionary fares, or travel directions. Evasion prevention hardware[ edit ] Video recording equipment may deter criminal activity, including evasion. He purchased these older tokens whenever he saw them sitting on the front ledge of an operator's booth and he eventually amassed On Select Bus Service , a penalty fare may need to be paid. Configuration[ edit ] In studies, gate evasion rate was found to be 1. Cameras are widely deployed in modern Asian and European transit systems. An added complication is several unofficial system entry methods resulting in no revenue loss but forbidden by tariff are frequently practiced. new york transit coin

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Opening A Very Old Bankroll Of Transit Tokens. Rare Coins?

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