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Spectre coin reddit

By Shai Tv

spectre coin reddit

Check Spectrecoin fees for the top Crypto Exchanges. Find the cheapest Deposit, Trading & Withdrawal fees for Spectrecoin (XSPEC). 3% if you stake on Anonymous Addresses (Spectre) 2% if you stake on Public (​seen on a blockchain addresses). As with any other Coin You download the. TLDR: Spectrecoin presents the release of Spectrecoin v3.x 'Proof-of-Anonymous​-Stake' protocol. This release has been nearly 10 months in .

Spectre coin reddit -

This is incredibly low, especially when taking into consideration all the impressive tech and its unique contributions. Q: 'why is there no information about the team on the website, seems sketchy? Stealth staking As of yet, stealth staking is in development. What this basically means though, is that IP activity is untraceable by means of the Tor network, which means that the coin can safely be used in countries that tend to ban traffic from and to certain IP's China, Russia. Stealth staking means that an individual's wallet information will remain anonymous even if one is using the contents to stake. The roadmap is worth a read, and it must be a more-than-good year if everything is achieved.

Spectre coin reddit -

Monero and Zcash both use ring sigs, Monero also uses stealth addresses. Stealth transactions have been supported for a long time now, and will become the default option in v2. Current standings As mentioned above, the current market cap is around 60mill. Other things like ring signatures and stealth addresses are of course very nice safety features, but this is nothing new e. Of course this is not a terrible attribute in a developer, but you can have a fantastic product which still nobody will adopt if they don't know about it. Personally, I think a big part of this also comes from the fact that it appeared to me that jbg lead developer prioritized the tech much more than the marketing. spectre coin reddit


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