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Timeless coin farming

timeless coin farming › Database › Currencies › Mists of Pandaria. I've been happily completing the daily over on the Timeless Isle every day -- it's an easy 50 valor points, after all. And while farming the 20 elite. User Info: BluePlasmaxyz You'll get k coins before you get the rep for that mount. Just kill the ordon guys on the higher portions of the island. timeless coin farming I mean, a ridiculous number. Why not let us shuffle them to alts, where they timeless coin farming be most useful? I can use them to buy a handful of toys, a pet, and a mount, and that's about where they stop being really useful for me. As a DPS, this means sitting in the queue for an undetermined length of time before I even get into the place. Timeless coin farming he's got a point with suggesting that the Burdens be made Bind-on-Account. I can't use them to buy potions, flasks, or raid materials. The rare mob Garnia spawns in this lake.

Mohit Jain

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Anand YaduvanshiPosted on 10:12 pm - Oct 2, 2012

precise, clear and on point !well done!