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Yakuza coin locker location

yakuza coin locker location

Locker Keys. Scattered around Kamurocho are fifty keys to Coin Lockers. They appear as a little white sparkly as you walk around. Press Confirm. › game-guides › find-coin-lockers-yakuza-kawami. Coin Locker Keys are used in a set of lockers on Taihei Boulevard - right near the central map landmark of the Millenium Tower. The lockers are.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 Mod Showcase: Yagami (Judgment) Clay Figurine Inside Club Debolah, on yakuza coin locker location right side of the dance floor. Dagger C2 East of the main entrance to Millennium Tower is a little side-street. Medieval Painting This key is given as part of Substory Brass Knuckles B3 Travel south from the west entrance to the Champion District and you'll see this in the middle of the street. Fighter's Binding In the middle of the empty alley behind the Nakamichi Poppo. Dagger In Theater Square, between the dual-poled lampposts on the east side.

Yakuza coin locker location -

This is in there. You'll find this behind a lamppost. All Ones Charm B5 In Underground Purgatory, follow the main walkway from the entrance, then go to the third stop on the right leading to the water. Travel south down Senryo Ave. In front of the Poppo on Tenkaichi St. yakuza coin locker location

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